Self Contained Magnetic GPS Vehicle Tracker

//Self Contained Magnetic GPS Vehicle Tracker
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Self Contained Magnetic GPS Vehicle Tracker


Easy to use

you can track on your phone

no computers required

View vehicle locations and speed on Google Maps

No Installation costs

No monthly fees

No wires , simply charge when necessary

Works with any type of mobile phone

High capacity, internal rechargeable battery that will last a maximum of 90 days before needing to be charged or up to 12 months in deep sleep

Waterproof case and rugged design Instant access to the location of your vehicles

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Product Description

The perfect GPS Tracker no installation just charge and hide in the vehicle

No contract or monthly fees to pay, track on any phone- no computer required

The ideal covert tracker for locating: Cars, Motorcycles, Motorhomes, Caravans, Trucks, Tractors, Quad Bikes, Plant machinery, Cargo Containers, Ships and boats.

The unit is simple to use with no wiring required just pop in the SIM card (included) and charge up the unit.  It has a strong magnetic base so it can simply be attached to any vehicle or object you wish to track.

To find out where the unit is you simply call it up from your phone and it will instantly text you back with its exact location along with a direct link to Google maps so you can actually see where your vehicle is. The built in batteries will last up to 90 days between charges and the unit will even send you a message telling you when it needs to be charged. This unit can easily be moved between vehicles. The unit can be set to alert you the moment your vehicle moves making it the ideal anti theft device.

NEW Feature deep sleep mode – unit will last up to 12 months in deep sleep mode and awaken on vibration

Tracking your device on your smartphone or is really simple, just download the ‘back2you’ app from the android or apple app store. You can also add the option of 12 months live real time online tracking so you can see your tracker moving in real time on any PC or tablet. This option is not needed if you are just looking for anti theft protection but is ideal if you need to track delivery drivers or work vehicles as it also gives you a full history of where the vehicle has been. Please note that if live tracking is enabled the battery usage will heavy so you should consider connecting the unit to the vehicle power (full wiring kit is provided).



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