Lamborghini Edizione GT (STAGE4) LIMITED EDITION

///Lamborghini Edizione GT (STAGE4) LIMITED EDITION
  • DMC19988FB

Lamborghini Edizione GT (STAGE4) LIMITED EDITION

the kit consist of:

(01) Front Bumper
(02) Front Splitter / Lip
(03) Front Splitter Carnards
(04) Front Sword

(05) Rear Bumper
(06) Rear Grill
(07) SV Cage Bars

(08) Side Skirts
(09) Side Flaps

(10) Rear Diffuser
(11) Diffuser Cage Bars

DMC is the only refiner that offers a replacement deck lid for all its wings. What is that? Basically it is a copy of the spoiler that is at the rear of your LP610 now, but ours is much stronger.

Why do you need this? (1) So that you won’t need to drill holes into your car, but more crucial (2) the original rear base that you have right now, is not strong enough to support an after market wing. Any spoiler installed on the normal car’s base would likely rip off at high speeds. Not so with our product!


It comes pre-installed on the base (see explanation above). Simply exchange our base for your OEM base and you ready. Installation takes about 30 minutes. The DMC big wing can be adjusted in three (!) different positions with different road handling. We are the only product that was german TUV certified and is professionally impact safe and wind tested. As a bonus you will also get a PDF document that has all technical data about the DMC wing, physical wind and CFD tests.

Price POA. Please call or enquire for more information.


Product Description


APPLICATION: Lamborghini Huracan LP630STAGE 4

MATERIAL: Carbon Fibre


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