Lamborghini Edizione GT LIMITED EDITION

///Lamborghini Edizione GT LIMITED EDITION
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Lamborghini Edizione GT LIMITED EDITION

Consists of:

(01) Front Bumper
(02) Front Wings
(03) Front Splitter
(04) Front Carnards F1
(05) Front Flaps
(06) Front Tunnel

(07) Rear Bumper
(08) Rear Diffuser
(09) Rear Flaps

(10) Side Skirts
(11) Side Flaps

(12) Aero Engine Cover Replacement
(13) Rear Wing Base
(14) Rear Wing Spoiler GT

Some of the above parts may be available separately, and are listed below.

Price POA. Please call or enquire for more information.

Product Description

APPLICATION: Lamborghini Edizione-GT

MATERIAL: Carbon Fibre


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