DMC Huracan “Cairo” Base Package (Carbon)

///DMC Huracan “Cairo” Base Package (Carbon)
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DMC Huracan “Cairo” Base Package (Carbon)

Adds an aggressive look to your LP610. This Carbon Base Package includes:

1) Front Lips
2) Side Skirts
3) Rear Diffuser
4) Rear Spoiler (The wing will install on this part)
5) Rear Wing (Adjustable in three different positions)

Additional Details about the Wing & Spoiler:


DMC is the only refiner that offers a replacement deck lid for all its wings. What is that? Basically it is a copy of the spoiler that is at the rear of your LP610 now, but ours is much stronger.

Why do you need this? (1) So that you won’t need to drill holes into your car, but more crucial (2) the original rear base that you have right now, is not strong enough to support an after market wing. Any spoiler installed on the normal car’s base would likely rip off at high speeds. Not so with our product!


It comes pre-installed on the base (see explanation above). Simply exchange our base for your OEM base and you ready. Installation takes about 30 minutes. The DMC big wing can be adjusted in three (!) different positions with different road handling. We are the only product that was German TUV certified and is professionally impact safe and wind tested. As a bonus you will also get a PDF document that has all technical data about the DMC wing, physical wind and CFD tests.

DMC Front Lip Option

Do you already own the DMC Huracan “Berlin”? This optional package lets you add the “Cairo” Front Lip’s side flaps. The LP720 styling pieces can be easily mounted to your existing “Berlin” lip.

Attention: You don’t need this option when you buy the “Cairo” base package, it’s already included.

Carbon Fiber Air Scoop Set

These 2 inlets install on Huracan models that have the glass engine bonnet / hood.

They are not an add-on piece, but intelligent replacements.

They use the same screw positions as the grill vents that are on your automobile. Simply screw off your OEM parts, and replace them with DMC’s vent scoops. Put the screws back on and you are ready.

Using replacements is not only the lighter option, since you don’t need to add parts. It’s also the more secure way, since the parts are fully screwed to the original points. Lastly, you won’t damage your car: At any time you can take DMC’s product off the car and put back the original vents.

A grill prevents external objects to enter the engine room, rain will be channeled out at the rear.

The set of 2 scoops installs left and right of your glass engine hood. It improves cooling because it’s a replacement part that doesn’t have the old grill underneath, but also supports the extrusion of hot air because it’s open at the rear ends.

Please call or enquire for more information.



Product Description

APPLICATION: Lamborghini LP610

MATERIAL: Carbon Fibre


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