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Compact Motorcycle Tracker



  • No subscription fees or contracts.
  • Very simple to use with no computer needed.
  • You can track on any mobile phone.
  • Instantly alerts if your vehicle moves.
  • Ability to see the precise location on google maps.
  • Ability to monitor voices around the built in microphone.
  • Peace of mind.
  • Very simple to install ( Only 2 wires need to be connected ).
  • Compact sleek design.
  • No additional external antennas.
  • Dimensions : 90mm x 50mm x 12mm
  • Optional live real time online tracking
  • Free technical support
  • 12 months guarantee
  • Please call or enquire for more information.



Product Description

The Wired Compact Motorcycle Tracking Device!

The wired compact motorcycle tracking device has many features that can protect you and your motorcycle giving you ultimate peace of mind with the ability to track and locate your vehicle anywhere in the world using any mobile phone.


This wired tracker is one of our easiest units to install with only 2 wires needed and included!


All the antennas of this unit are located inside the device so it is very easy to hide away making this the perfect unit to install on a motorcycle.


Dimensions are 90mm x 50mm x 12mm so it is very easy to hide away


This device is absolutely perfect for small vehicles such as Motorcycles or Quadbikes because it is so small and compact and will protect your valuable assets from thieves.


The Compact tracker has a host of features that will protect your vehicle and give the peace of mind knowing you can locate your vehicle at any time using any mobile phone.

This unit has the ability to alert you at a moments notice if your vehicle moves without your say so, ideal if you have your motorcycle locked up somewhere and you know it is not going to be moving. The unit simply needs connecting up to a 12v or 24v live feed.

The tracker comes with everything you need including full wiring kit and UK SIM cards. Best of all unlike many GPS motorcycle trackers on the market there are no monthly or annual subscription fees.  The units will work worldwide so if you do travel outside the UK you can still enjoy the protection of the back2you tracker.

The tracker is easy to install for anyone with a very basic knowledge of auto electrics however if you would rather have a professional fit it, one of our team of mobile installers can come to you and fit the tracker for a fee of £80

You can also add the option of 12 months live real time online tracking so you can see your tracker moving in real time on any PC or tablet. This option is not needed if you are just looking for anti theft protection but is ideal if you need to track delivery drivers or work vehicles as it also gives you a full history of where the vehicle has been. 



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