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Live Real Time Fleet Tracker


When your tracker is delivered to you it will already be activated on our sever and ready for you to take advantage of the 12 months live tracking that is included with the package. Features:

Remotely track the whereabouts of your device in real time Multi network SIM for best coverage

Track your fleet from your smartphone, computer or tablet Simple to use

Enables you to keep track of your staff

Provides full travel history of your vehicle

Perfect solution for fleet cars and lorries.

Please call or enquire for more information.


Product Description

With this package you get one of our new BTY550 GPS trackers complete with active SIM card and Data package along with access to our online tracking server. So you can see your vehicle moving live in real time from your PC, ipad or smartphone

The tracker just needs connecting to power in the vehicle, no antennas, no setup just connect and track on your PC, iPad or smartphone. You get a host of features from our state of the art cloud based tracking server.  You will a full history of where your tracker has been along with speed data. You can replay the routes on your screen and all the data is stored on our server for 3 years. This tracker is ideal for tracking fleets of any size. If you have more than one vehicle you will be able to see them all on the same screen and you have access to advanced reporting and geo fence functions. Our fleet tracking and will work worldwide so if you have vehicles that travel overseas you can still track them with no additional costs.

The price includes the tracker and ALL tracking costs for the first 12 months with no hidden extras. After the first 12 months the renewal fee is just £60+vat


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